1904 Cambridge Springs International Chess Congress
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This page contains links related to Cambridge Springs, the 1904 tournament and links to other chess-related web sites.
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Cambridge Springs 1904 Links
Wikipedia entry Nice summary of the tournament.
Bill Wall's CS1904 page Chronology of tournament facts.
Bill Wall article on CS1904 Posted on Chess.com.
365Chess.com List of results and links to games.
EdoChess.ca Edo Historical Chess Ratings.
Chessgames.com Play through all the games online. Many have commentary and analysis.
Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania
Map Map of the Cambridge Springs area from Mapquest.com.
Wikipedia page Information on the town of Cambridge Springs.
Other Chess Links
U. S. Chess Federation Join the USCF to play in rated tournaments and receive Chess Life magazine.
Internet Chess Club Play 24/7/365 with opponents from around the world.
A.J.'s Chess Page This is a great site by a Life Master A.J. Goldsby, who has been supportive in promoting this site.
Michael Goeller's Site Analysis of the Urusov Gambit (Schlechter-Marshall, Round 7) and the Dimock Theme Tournament (info on Marshall). The author has provided helpful advice for improving this site.
Cleveland Public Library The CPL houses the John G. White Chess and Checkers (book) Collection.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania This museum has the Walter Penn Shipley scrapbooks, which include a few photos of the CS1904 games in progress.

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