1904 Cambridge Springs International Chess Congress
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Guestbook Entries

My original guestbook was the target of spam, so I've created this archive of some of the more memorable entries. If you would like to provide feedback to me regarding the site, please send me a email at etz1450@yahoo.com and put Cambridge Springs in the subject line. Thanks!

Hello, I have just read the work you did on the above tournament. It is well researched and well written and produced, thank you. I am currently doing research into early American chess sets and was wondering if you knew who manufactured the sets used in this tournament or where they came from? (I do not know.)
- Mick Deasey, 19-Sep-2008

interesting, i play the kings gambit occassionally, but had never heard of the rice gambit, a complicated but interesting line.
- Salvatore Desandoli, 10-Apr-2007

Great page about the 1904 Cambridge Springs Chess Congress! Congratulations! Especially interesting are the original photos and information about the town.
- GM Aleksandra Kostenuik, 20-Jan-2007

A lovely site, which brings the legendary Cambridge Springs tournament to life! Players that ignore chess history are missing out on an extremely important part of the chess experience -- It was classic events like this one that made me realize (at the age of 12) just how romantic a game chess was.
- IM Jeremy Silman, 2-Nov-2006

Great Website, I either didn't know or forgotten that chess was played in CS. I grew up in CS and currently work at the prison that sites on the rider hotel site. Some of your postcards I have never seen before. Also it was good to see the pool. I hadn't seen that. We found a decorative block from the pool and framed it. Most of the artifacts did go to the historical museaum but we have a few left on display at the prison. Feel free to email.
- Tammy Turner, 9-Jun-2006

What dedication- only just discovered it- but surely a quite unique and wonderful chess site!!!
- Neil W. Folland, 20-Mar-2006

Very nice site. Harry Nelson Pillsbury was quite ill during the 1904 tournament, I understand. Presently I live in Cambridge, MA a few blocks from Somerville, MA, which is the town that Pillsbury was from. Each December the Pillsbury Memorial Tournament occurs in Boston. I have played in it a couple of times, and I have also played a few games at the Marshall Chess Club (I won one game there with black using the Cambridge Springs Opening!). Perhaps some day I will get to Cambridge Springs, PA.
- James Magner, 21-Feb-2006

A remarkable site..... lots of notice, information,with a "touche" of romanticism who remaind us at the atmosphere of those days. Please, somebody can help me to find the book of this tourment? Of course not the original! I'm just a chess-lover, not a collezionist....Otherwhise, if was not easy to find it, some notice about the author(s) end/or the publisher. Still compliments for the VERY GOOD JOB.
- "orlando the fury", 24-Jan-2006

Cambridge Springs was the "last hurrah" for my favorite player,Hary Nelson Pillsbury.Harry was dying by the time this tournament was conducted and it shows in his play.
- Paul Mac Innis, 11-Jan-2006

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed this site. Spent my first eleven years in Cambridge Springs and never realized until now how little I knew about my birthplace.
- Bob Michaels, 5-May-2005

An excellent site which brings the period and place back to life again. An excellent model for others to follow. I have always been interested in the hidtory of chess as well as players like Marshall, Lasker and Pillsbury and your site provides a lot of interesting information about these and other personalities. Thank you.
- Walter Hart, 16-Feb-2005

Till now I have been wondering where Cambridge Springs was. Thank you for filling this empty hole of my knowledge.
- Enrico Senis (Florence, Italy), 5-Dec-2004

I was going over a few of the games, it is very nice work. I especially enjoyed the annotated games, these must take a bit of effort. Thanks for such a fine website. Happy Holidays!
- Gary L., 4-Dec-2004

What an incredible website! I can't believe I found this wonderful treasure. You should seriously consider writing a book about the tournament and your personal experiences. I didn't think anyone cared as much as I do about those old tournaments. Very nice!
- Dave Knight, 26-Nov-2004

Enjoyed looking at the photos. I am not into chess but do have a relationship to Cambridge springs - went to college there graduating in 1970. It is now a state prison. I felt bad when the college closed and even worse when I found out the state of PA in its wisdom decided to make it a prison with a fence. Times do change I guess. I have not been there in 33 year. Thanks for the photos.
- Dennis Flynn, 14-Nov-2004

Great site!! We need more like this of the great pre-1914 Tournaments. Keep up the good work.
- Robert L. (Larry) Greene, Jr., 4-Aug-2004

Very nice. I was born and raised in CS. In fact our house was just below Alliance College. As kids we used to play in the old hotel foundation ruins around town. I remember walking on the boardwalk out to the Spring House at the Riverside. I spent several summers working at the Golf Course. Well again thanks for the excellant work. I hope to get back there this summer.
- David Hagarman, 16-May-2004

Wonderful website! The Marshall Chess Club is celebrating the great victory of its founder at the celebrated tournament on May 29 2004 at 7 PM. Grandmaster Andy Soltis will speak and give a simultaneous exhibition. Thank you. Best wishes,
- Douglas Bellizzi President, Marshall Chess Club, 13-May-2004

Although I was in Meadville recently, due to time constraints I was unable to visit Cambridge Springs in a search for the 1904 tournament site. Now, having discovered your excellent website, my curiosity is satisfied. Thanks!
- Gordon Gribble, 7-May-2004

Huge event, once in a century. Very well done.
- Jude Acers/New Orleans/Louisiana, 12-Apr-2004

Hi Steve. At our April Borough Council meeting we plan to pass a Proclamation acknowledging the 100year anniversay of the Riverside Chess Tourney...thought you would like to know....the Borough Office will have the orginal. RG
- Randy Gorsky (CS Mayor), 1-Apr-2004

The site is very well organized. Amazing that you can search the games by round or by opening. I came searching for info on the Cambridge Springs tournament knowing that this is the 100th anniversary. Now I'm planning a thematic CSD tournament at our chess club. Great site!
- Brad, 22-Feb-2004

Great page! It caused me to take a trip to CS on the way back to DC from a chess tournament in Illinois. I showed the librarian your page.
- Robert, 18-Feb-2004

Good job on the website! I live in Calif., but this past summer I went back to my home turf--I lived on a farm about 10 miles from Cambridge Springs. During my visit with relatives, we had lunch one day at the Riverside Inn. What do you think of those great old pictures they've got hanging in the hallway by the dining room?
- Bruce, 27-Dec-2003

Being from Penn, I found this quite interesting. Keep up the good work :-)
- Tim McKeen, 26-Nov-2003

Thanks for the fresh look into Pennsylvania's chess history. A friend mentioned that A tournament was held At Cambridge Springs in 1904.... I was totally surprised that Pa. had such an interesting place and happening....
- Jim Joline, 7-Nov-2003

Hello there, kind person! I have a punch card good for a few more seatings at the Chadwick Lithia Springs, formerly located at 131 Dale Avenue, Cambridge Springs PA. [I can send you a jpeg of this old card.] Short of knowing the whereabouts of Mr. Richardson, former proprietor of said springs, perhaps you might have some particular information and/or a larger version of the beautifual photgraph of the Chadwick Lithia Springs that you have in your gallery?
- Alan Simon, 24-Oct-2003

This is an excellent and outstanding site. SUPERB!! THE definitive site on this great tournament. Steve has done his homework, history, links, pictures ... virtually no stone has been left unturned. Mr. Etzel is to be commended for creating an outstanding archive on perhaps the greatest and strongest tournament ever held on American soil. (It is also Frank J. Marshall's greatest triumph.)
- A.J. Goldsby I, 14-Oct-2003

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