CS1904 Openings
1904 Cambridge Springs International Chess Congress
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The Openings

The discussion of openings employed at this tournament would not be complete without first mentioning the Cambridge Springs Defense, a variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined. Click here for more information.

The most common openings were the Ruy Lopez, Queen's Gambit Declined, Sicilian Defense and Petroff's Defense. It is interesting to note that by 1904 the King's Gambit era had faded (however see Rice Gambit) and the Indian defenses had not come on the scene. Also, many of the Sicilian games did not follow the mainlines that have developed over the 90+ years since the tournament.

The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) codes are included in brackets in the header information of the game scores in the page for each round (click on Games). Below I have started an index of the games based on ECO code. A direct link to each game score is provided. This index is now 100% complete.

D50 Queen's Gambit Declined, 4.Bg5
GameOpening Name
A03Delmar - FoxBird's Opening
A80Barry - LaskerDutch Defense
A85Marshall - DelmarDutch Defense with c4, Nc3
B00Janowsky - Delmar
Pillsbury - Hodges
Owen's/English Defense)
Both games could also be classified as [A40].
B01Chigorin - HodgesScandinavian (Center Counter) Defense
B07Napier - PillsburyPirc Defense
B09Marshall - PillsburyPirc: Austrian Attack [Three Pawn Attack]
B20Lawrence - Mieses
Delmar - Mieses
Sicilian Defense, unusual second moves by White
B23Mieses - Fox
Barry - Mieses
Teichmann - Mieses
Lawrence - Schlechter
Sicilian Defense: Grand Prix Attack
B24Lawrence - Fox
Lawrence - Pillsbury
Showalter - Fox
Sicilian Defense: Closed
B25Chigorin - NapierSicilian Defense: Closed
B30Mieses - HodgesSicilian Defense
B34Lasker - Napier
Lawrence - Hodges
Sicilian Defense: Accelerated Fianchetto, Exchange Variation
B40Napier - Mieses
Lasker - Marshall
Fox - Marshall
Hodges - Schlechter
Sicilian Defense: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6
B41Marco - SchlechterSicilian Defense: Kan Variation
B48Mieses - SchlechterSicilian Defense: Taimanov Variation
C00Chigorin - Showalter
Chigorin - Marco
French Defense (Chigorin)
C01Barry - DelmarFrench: Exchange Variation
C12Chigorin - FoxFrench: MacCutcheon Variation
C21Mieses - ChigorinCenter Game (Danish Gambit)
C24Schlechter - MarshallBishop's Opening, Berlin Defense (2...Nf6)
Note: This game transpose to a Urusov Gambit in the Petroff [C43].
C26Mieses - MarcoVienna Game: Falkbeer Variation
C31Chigorin - Delmar
King's Gambit Declined: Falkbeer Counter-Gambit
C41Schlechter - Delmar
Napier - Delmar
Philidor's Defense
C42Teichmann - Hodges
Barry - Napier
Teichmann - Marco
Mieses - Pillsbury
Teichmann - Pillsbury
Schlechter - Barry
Marco - Napier
Showalter - Pillsbury
Lasker - Teichmann
Delmar - Pillsbury
Petroff's Defense
C43Schlechter - MarshallPetroff's Defense
This game is a Urusov Gambit via transposition from Bishop's Opening - see [C24].
C48Janowsky - LaskerFour Knights Game: Spanish Variation.
C49Janowsky - Schlechter
Lawrence - Marco
Delmar - Teichmann
Schlechter - Napier
Delmar - Showalter
Delmar - Marco
Four Knights: Double Ruy Lopez
C50Chigorin - JanowskyGiuoco Piano (Four Knights Variation)
C63Barry - Marshall
Hodges - Marshall
Marco - Marshall
Ruy Lopez: Schliemann Defense
C66Mieses - LaskerRuy Lopez: Berlin defence, 4.O-O d6
C68Fox - Lasker
Lasker - Chigorin
Lasker - Showalter
Mieses - Janowsky
Ruy Lopez: Exchange Variation
C70Hodges - DelmarRuy Lopez
C77Marco - Lasker
Marco - Hodges
Barry - Lasker
Marco - Barry
Ruy Lopez: Morphy Defense
C79Janowsky - Hodges
Fox - Marco
Ruy Lopez: Steinitz Defense Deferred
C80Napier - LawrenceRuy Lopez: Open (Tarrasch) Defense
C84Fox - Barry
Teichmann - Janowsky
Barry - Chigorin
Napier - Showalter
Barry - Lawrence
Barry - Teichmann
Teichmann - Lawrence
Ruy Lopez: Closed Defense
C87Lawrence - Janowsky
Hodges - Showalter
Pillsbury - Schlechter
Fox - Janowsky
Ruy Lopez: Closed, Averbach Variation
C90Showalter - Janowsky
Fox - Hodges
Lawrence - Chigorin
Ruy Lopez: Closed (with ...d6)
C91Barry - ShowalterRuy Lopez: Closed (with ...d6)
C92Schlechter - ChigorinRuy Lopez: Closed, with 9.h3
D00Showalter - Teichmann
Delmar - Lawrence
Showalter - Marco
Queen's Pawn Game
D05Teichmann - FoxQueen's Pawn Game (Colle System)
D07Teichmann - ChigorinQueen's Gambit Declined, Chigorin Defense
D08Marshall - Lawrence
Marshall - Showalter
Pillsbury - Janowsky
Hodges - Lasker
Marshall - Napier
Queen's Gambit Declined: Albin Counter-Gambit
D24Showalter - MiesesQueen's Gambit Accepted, with 4.Nc3
D26Marshall - MiesesQueen's Gambit Accepted, with 4...e6
D28Janowsky - BarryQueen's Gambit Accepted, Classical, with 7.Qe2
D31Marshall - Chigorin
Pillsbury - Chigorin
Queen's Gambit Declined: 3.Nc3
D32Lasker- LawrenceQueen's Gambit Declined: Tarrasch Defense
D40 Janowsky - Marshall
Showalter - Lawrence
Queen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Tarrasch Defense
D43Hodges - NapierQueen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Slav
D45Janowsky - NapierQueen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Slav with 5.e3
D50Pillsbury - LaskerD50 Queen's Gambit Declined, 4.Bg5
D51Napier - TeichmannQueen's Gambit Declined: with 4.Bg5 Nbd7
D52Marshall - Teichmann
Hodges - Barry
Schlechter - Teichmann
Queen's Gambit Declined, Cambridge Springs Defense
D53Lasker - Delmar
Pillsbury - Marco
Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox Defense: Classical Variation
D55Schlechter - LaskerQueen's Gambit Declined: Neo-Orthodox Variation with 6.Nf3
D60Pillsbury - Fox
Pillsbury - Barry
Napier - Fox
Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox Defense
D63Fox - SchlechterQueen's Gambit Declined: Orthodox Defense, with 7.Rc1
D67Schlechter - ShowalterQueen's Gambit Declined: Orthodox Defense, with 8.Bd3 Line

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