1904 Cambridge Springs International Chess Congress
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The following references were used in preparing this website:
American Chess Bulletin, Vol. I., No. 1, June-December 1904Hartwig Cassel and Hermann HelmsReprinted by Publishing House Moravian Chess1904Essentially the first book on this tournament. Good background information, lightly annotated games, etc.
Daily Bulletin of the International Chess Congress at Hotel Rider, Cambridge Springs, Pa.Hartwig Cassel and Herman [sic] Helms[Hotel] Rider PressApril 25th to May 19th, 1904.Subscriptions to this daily bulletin provided part of the funding for the tournament (US$2.00 for the series!). Color commentary accompanied the game scores and advertising. The popularity of this bulletin led directly to the publishing of the American Chess Bulletin listed above.
The Book of the Cambridge Springs International Tournament 1904Fred ReinfeldBlack Knight Press1935A tournament book with annotated games and crosstables.
Napier, The Forgotten ChessmasterJohn S. HilburtCassia Editions1997This book contains a wealth of information about Napier and much detailed information about the Cambridge Springs 1904 tournament. Between pages 217 and 218 of this book you will find a photograph of the tournament participants standing on the entrance steps of the Hotel Rider.
The Cambridge Springs International Chess Congress, 1904James MunroPittsburgh History magazineWinter 1993/94This nice article is reproduced by permission on this site.
Great American Chess Tournaments, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, 1904James R. SchroederSelf-published; Chess Digest Edition1992Lightly annotated game scores and crosstables.
The Oxford Companion to ChessDavid Hooper and Kenneth WhyldOxford University Press1992Great source for biographical information.
The Golden Treasury of ChessFrancis J. WellmuthDavid McKay1943Presents game score of the Rice gambit consultation game played en route to the tournament and selected other CS1904 games (essentially unannotated).
Riverside Inn, Vol.4, No.1n/aThe Riverside Inn1998 EditionNice promotional newsletter obtained at the Inn during my 1998 pilgrimage.
Some Reminiscences of Bob SmithFrank CunliffePittsburgh Chess ClubJuly 1997Article in En Passant (PCC club publication). Rice gambit game.
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Volume D, First Edition(?)VariousSahovski informator1976Cambridge Springs Defense
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Volume C, Third EditionVariousSahovski informator1997Rice Gambit
Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of ChessNapier (ed. Horowitz)David McKay1934/1957Napier biographical information obtained from dust jacket.
My Fifty Years of ChessMarshallChess Review/David McKay1942Marshall annotates selected CS1904 games.
The World's Great Chess GamesFineCrown Publishers, Inc.1951 (1960 edition)Pillsbury-Lasker and Schlechter-Lasker are annotated.
Complete Chess Strategy, Volume 2 (Principles of Pawn Play and the Center)PachmanCornerstone Library1978 reprintTeichmann - Chigorin (Round 15) is lightly annotated as Game #82.
Bobby Fischer - The Greatest?EuweSterling Publishing Co.1979Lasker biographical information. The game Lasker - Marshall is annotated under the caption "The King Steps Out".
Warriors of the MindKeene & DivinskyHardinge Simpole Publishing1989Schlechter-Lasker is annotated.
Combinations - The Heart of ChessChernevDover1967 edition of 1960 bookDiagram 262 shows Marshall finishing off Pillsbury in their "changing of the guard" match-up at CS.
Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors, Part IKasparovEveryman Chess2003Game 42 of this book is Pillsbury-Lasker (fully annotated). This book provides much insight into many of the Cambridge Springs competitors.
Pillsbury's Chess Career, 2nd Corrected EditionSeargent & WattsDover1966 (1922/1937)Contains these annotated games: Pillsbury-Fox, Marshall-Pillsbury, Pillsbury-Barry, Pillsbury-Lasker, Delmar-Pillsbury
Great Brilliancy Prize Games of the Chess MastersReinfeldDover (republication of Collier edition)1995Beginning on page 45 Barry - Napier is annotated. This game won the first brilliancy prize.
Chess Training Pocket Book, 300 Most Important Positions & IdeasAlburtChess Information and Research Center (2nd, Revised Edition)2000Position #187 is based on Showalter - Pillsbury.
Just the Facts!Alburt and KrogiusChess Information and Research Center2000Biographical information.
Chess Life magazine, Chess to Enjoy articleAndrew SoltisU.S. Chess FederationSeptember 1992In an article starting on page 8, Soltis does a feature on Napier. Also, his monthly tactics quiz features nine positions from Cambridge Springs under the monicer "Combination Springs Eternal".
Chess Life magazine, Chess to Enjoy articleAndrew SoltisU.S. Chess FederationDecember 1994Page 16 discusses the Rice gambit consultation game played en route to the tournament and the Marco-Janowsky King's Gambit Declined thematic match played on the return trip to Europe.
Chess Life magazine, Endgame Lab articleGM Pal BenkoU.S. Chess FederationDecember 2004Page 46-47 analyzes four of Marshall's endgames from CS1904 (vs. Mieses, Janowski, Teichmann and Lasker).
The Pennswoodpusher newsletter, Lead articleNeil BrennanPennsylvania State Chess FederationMarch 2004Some good historical context and nicely annotated games.

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