CS 1904: 2004 Centennial Event
1904 Cambridge Springs International Chess Congress
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May 16, 2004

Simul in Erie, PA: May 14, 2004

Evans plots against Craig Schneider. My dead King is in the foreground.

Evans Lecture: May 15, 2004 "Clash of the Titans"

Steve Etzel, GM Larry Evans, Craig Schneider

Evans captivates the crowd with tales from Fischer-Spassky, 1972.

Evans Lecture: May 16, 2004

Evans demonstrates Levitsky-Marshall, Breslau, 1912. (See also.)
Evans followed with a discussion of the exciting game Lasker-Napier, Cambridge Springs 1904.

Etzel Lecture: May 16, 2004 "Cambridge Springs 1904"

Craig Schneider of the Erie Chess Club introduces Steve Etzel

Cambridge Springs 1904 Memorabilia display: May 16, 2004

Cambridge Springs Welcomes Chessplayers

All Cambridge Springs events were held at the historic Riverside Inn, One Fountain Avenue, Cambridge Springs, Pa. 16403. Noted for its Dinner-Theatre and Championship golf course. Call toll free 1-800-964-5173.

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